Medicare rebates


Psychological consultations are now subsidised by Medicare under the Better Access Scheme.  As of November 1, 2011 eligible people are entitled to 10 individual services with a psychologist per calendar year.  Your eligibility for a Medicare Mental Health Care Plan can be determined by your medical provider (general practitioner, paediatrician, or psychiatrist).  If you’d like to be assessed for a Mental Health Care Plan, you’ll need to mention this when making an appointment with your medical provider because you’ll need a slightly longer appointment.

If you’re referred by your medical practitioner with a Medicare Mental Health Care Plan your out of pocket expenses for regular sessions will be between $55.20 and $75.50 depending on which member of our team you see.  Once you meet the Medicare Safety Net threshold you will be eligible for additional rebates.  Your out of pocket expenses for sessions also contributes to your Medicare Safety Net threshold.