Most people feel sad sometimes, but the feeling generally passes; when sad feelings persist they may be a symptom of depression.  Depression can make things feels hopeless and it can sometimes feel as though the feeling will never end.  Other common signs of depression are:

– Losing interest in activities that used to be enjoyable
– Finding it harder than usual to get motivated or care about things
– Feeling tired and lethargic
– Not feeling hungry or eating more than usual
– Feeling irritable and agitated
– Preferring to spend time alone rather than with others
– Finding it harder to get to sleep, waking more frequently through the night, or sleeping more than usual
(including during the day)
– Feeling worthless
– Self-criticism or self-blame over little things
– Concentration difficulties
– Indecisiveness

When people are depressed they might think about death or suicide and have urges to self-harm.  If you’re having suicidal thoughts (or you know someone who is) it’s important to seek help.