Relationship Difficulties


Relationship Difficulties

It doesn’t matter how much you have in common or how well you get along, all relationships will face challenges and all relationships take work. Many couples will be able to deal with challenges and move on, but sometimes no matter how hard you try, the same arguments occur again and again and you end up feeling resentful, frustrated, and stuck.

Why Do Relationships Breakdown?

Common causes of relationship breakdowns are:

  • Disagreements over finances or financial stress
  • Different approaches to parenting
  • Poor communication and conflict resolution
  • Limited quality time together
  • Different relationship expectations
  • One or both people feeling unsupported by their partner

As time goes on, unhealthy relationship patterns become more and more engrained and many couples start to feel that separation or divorce are their only option.

Can Couples Therapy Work?

While it’s tempting to wait for things to get better, most of the difficulties that threaten the survival of a relationship can be resolved with intervention.  If you’re unhappy in your relationship it might be worthwhile seeking the help of a clinical psychologist.  A clinical psychologist can help you identify the relationship patterns that are causing the breakdown of your relationship and help you and your partner work towards a stronger relationship and greater relationship satisfaction.

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