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5 Tips To Help Your Teen Beat An Eating Disorder

...ted that their child won’t ‘just eat’ and the eating disorder successfully pits parent against child. The more isolated and misunderstood the child feels, the more they turn to their eating disorder to cope. Score one to the eating disorder. Eating Disorders will convince teens food is ‘unnecessary’ Eating disorders are sneaky and conniving and will stop at nothing to control you ...

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Mindful Eating: How To Have A Healthier Relationship With Food

...nstead of rushing through your meals, put your cutlery down between each bite and focus on the flavor and texture of your food. Above everything else though, remember to be patient. After years of being out of tune with your body’s signals eating with awareness can be a slow process, but one that will help you to have a more positive relationship with your body and a healthier relationship with food. Amanda Hale is a registered psycholo ...

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Is This What’s Stopping You From Feeling Good About Your Body?

Build Body Confidence Head First BY DR SARAH HUGHES I’ve had the pleasure of working with women of all shapes and sizes and what I’ve learnt is that when it comes to body confidence, body weight and shape are irrelevant. A small dress size doesn’t guarantee body confidence and neither does weight loss because women, regardless of their shape and size, are skilled at finding things they don’t like about th ...

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Has Healthy Eating Become Toxic?

5 Tips For Redefining Healthy Eating BY DR SARAH HUGHES When did healthy eating get so complicated? Healthy eating used to mean eating a balanced diet across food groups: breads, cereals, pasta and grains; vegetables and fruits; milk, cheese, eggs, and yoghurt; meat, chicken, and fish; and fats, oils and sweets. Remember when healthy eating looked like this? In recent years ‘healthy eating ...

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Eating Disorders: Is Your Eating Disorder Trapping You With Fear?

...sta you’ll get fat”…“Feeling full means you’ve eaten too much and you’re going to gain weight”. The thought of getting fat fills you with fear and so you give in. You skip snacks and eat only two small meals. You avoid eating pasta. You always finish eating before you feel full. But here’s the things about fear – it can trap you and keep you stuck. What if eating 3 meals each day won&rsqu ...

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10 Ways To Promote Positive Body Image In Young People

...ithout even tasting your food. Slowing down the speed of eating and paying more attention to the flavours and textures of food can help us to eat appropriate portions and improve our eating experience. Tip #5: Listen To Your Body Listening to your body can help you to better understand why you eat. Do you only eat when you are hungry, or do you eat when you are bored or just because it’s there? Except in the case of Read More

How You Can Help Your Daughter To Be Body Confident: Change Your Body Talk

How To Build Positive Body Image In Teens BY DR SARAH HUGHES There’s a body image crisis unfolding amongst teen girls. They want tiny waists, flat stomachs, and box gaps and they’re willing to starve themselves to achieve their goals. Being smart, funny, and compassionate doesn’t carry as much weight as it used to. In 2014 self-worth is measured in kilograms. Do you model body bashing? Women seem to be pre-programed to disappro ...

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Treatment for Eating Disorders: Have We Been Sucked Into The Eating Disorder Trap?

...ervention is key. Whether you’re a parent, a friend, a family member, a general practitioner, a dietician, or a clinical psychologist – don’t fall into the trap of thinking that if someone’s not emaciated they don’t have any eating disorder. Eating disorders don’t just affect weight, they infiltrate someone’s mind and affect their whole psyche. Be informed enough to know that even if someone is at a healthy weight &nd ...

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10 Quick Tips For Body Confidence

...ompassionate clinical psychologist who uses evidence-based treatments to help her clients create meaningful change. Julia specialises in working with adults with depression, anxiety, trauma, grief and loss. She also works with adults experiencing work stress, anger management, drug and alcohol issues, relationship problems, low self-esteem, and body image issues....

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4 Good Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Diet

...small, sustainable changes towards healthy eating. Remember to make sure that you’re giving your body the right kind of fuel, which includes a daily supply of protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Also keep in mind that healthy eating means eating a balanced diet – you don’t have to stop eating foods you love, just don’t eat ‘sometimes’ foods every day. Diets Can’t Change ...

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