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Could Feeling Anxious Be The Answer To Feeling Less Anxious?

...edged sword. It might help you to feel less stressed in the short-term, but it ultimately makes your anxiety worse. Who’s winning, you or your anxiety? Avoidance will offer short-term relief, but it will also keep your anxiety around and possibly add to your anxiety longer-term. The longer you wait to face your fears, the bigger they seem, and as the list of things you’re avoiding grows, so does your anxie ...

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5 Tips To Help You Overcome Anxiety

.... Is worry giving you a headache? This is partly because it’s normal to feel anxious in reaction to stressful situations, like demanding work deadlines or family stress, so it can be difficult to differentiate between normal anxiety and problem anxiety. So how do you know when your anxiety has moved into problem anxiety territory? • You can’t switch off from your worry • Your anxiety mak ...

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Avoidance vs. Exposure

...le goals so that you see that even though you might think you can’t, you can cope with your anxiety. A graduated approach to exposure might seem confusing, but when you’re unsure, just remember this. Avoidance increases your anxiety, exposure reduces your anxiety and increases your freedom. Andreas is a Clinical Psychologist with over 10 years of clinical experience. He works with adolescents, HSC and university students, adults, ...

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What Can I Do To Feel Less Anxious?

...nstead. Yes this will make you anxious – but feeling anxious isn’t always bad, and not all anxiety is the same. There are two different types of anxiety – ‘wasteful anxiety’ and ‘productive anxiety’. The difference? Wasteful anxiety is the anxiety you’re living with right now – it’s relentless and exhausting, and it serves no real pu ...

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How To Parent An Anxious Child: 5 Tips To Help Your Child Beat Their Anxiety

...ill resolve your child’s distress in the short-term, but make anxiety worse longer-term. Worse still, if your child never faces their fears they’ll never learn that they can cope and there’s the potential for them to develop anxiety in other areas as well. Avoid avoidance. Use these tips to help your child manage their anxiety instead. Tip #1: Help Your Child to Understand their Worries Take the time to listen to your child& ...

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Parenting: How To Parent Your Anxious Teen

...ld will continue to experience anxiety regardless of whether you intervene or not but its wasteful anxiety; it serves no other purpose than to make your child feel awful. The anxiety your child experiences when they confront anxiety provoking situations is productive anxiety, it’s a stepping stone towards your child being rid of anxiety for good. Dr. Sarah Hughes is a clinical psycholog ...

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Eating Disorders: Is Your Eating Disorder Trapping You With Fear?

...oing against the Eating Disorder means having to endure intense anxiety and high distress. Getting rid of the Eating Disorder is going to mean doing things that make you feel anxious…but aren’t you already anxious? The anxiety you feel now is wasteful anxiety. It doesn’t help you to achieve anything, it just feels awful. The anxiety you feel when you challenge your Eating Disorder is productive anxi ...

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Parenting Anxious Kids

...ious child, ask what would I do if my child wasn’t anxious? Your child may need your compassion, but they also need your boundaries. A clinical psychologist can assist you in developing effective tools to manage your child’s anxiety and misbehaviour. Brittany McGill is a clinical psychologist registrar who completed her postgraduate clinical training at the University of New South Wales. She is interested in anxiety and mood disorders across the.. ...

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How Can I Tell If My Child Has OCD?

...ive Disorder or OCD is an anxiety disorder that affects 1 in every 200 children. So what is it? Hand washing is a common compulsion in kids with OCD Obsessions are intrusive, unwanted thoughts about events that cause intense anxiety and distress. They might be about a specific bad event, or a more general feeling that something awful is going to happen. Compulsions are the behaviours a child feels compelled to perform to neutralise their anxiety Read More

4 Tips To Help Your Teen Cope With ATAR Anxiety

...What Your Teen Needs To Know About Their ATAR BY DR SARAH HUGHES There is huge hype surrounding the HSC. It dies down slightly after exams finish, but just when the stress of exams starts to subside – results come out....

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