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Use These Tips To Plan Ahead For A Stress-Free Holiday


Stress less and make the most of your holiday

We all look forward to time away, but travelling to an unfamiliar place can also be stressful. International travel comes with a whole host of issues. There’s the stress of arranging flights and accommodation, the physical stress of flying on your body, and the feeling of being out of your comfort zone amongst different languages and unfamiliar cultural expectations. Fortunately, there are solutions to holiday stress. There’re things you can do before your holiday, during your flight, and while you’re away to take care of yourself and make the most of your holiday.

Before Your Holiday

You can probably purchase most things at your destination, but specific items may be difficult to source, so prepare yourself by packing all the everyday things that make you feel good normally. Make sure you have the sunscreen you like that doesn’t irritate your sensitive skin, the shampoo that tames your temperamental hair, and the antihistamines that soothe your allergies without sending you to sleep – they’ll all go a long way to reducing your stress. Think about what you hate to be without, and make sure you bring it along.

During Your Flight

Manage your stress proactively by keeping hydrated and making friends with your neighbour so bathroom breaks are less awkward. This is also a great time to brush up on the basics of language and cultural norms (sometimes in the inflight magazines, or try a Lonely Planet guide), so that you can feel confident interacting with locals. Another great way to get a head start on setting yourself up for an enjoyable holiday is to be well-rested – enjoy the inflight entertainment by all means, but try to notice when you are feeling overtired, and take a break.

During Your Holiday

Expect to feel a certain amount of irritability and edginess when you’re on holidays, especially if you’re travelling to a busy area. There’ll be unexpected stressors to deal with, and crowds and long lines to manage if you’re visiting popular tourist attractions. Prioritising and scheduling time to do activities that make you feel good at home may seem like a waste of sightseeing time, but self-care can go a long way to making your trip more enjoyable. Make time for a walk, visit a gym, or set aside time for reading or a nap.

Scheduling alone time can also be beneficial if you are holidaying with others – anything that irritates you normally will agitate you even more when you’re living in close quarters and in company 24/7. If you notice yourself becoming snappy, take time out for yourself to recharge and decompress.

Take care of yourself while you travel, and the fun will take care of itself.

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