10 Quick Tips For Body Confidence


Building Body Confidence: Learn How To Love Your Body


Do you model body bashing?

Is your head critical of your body?

How often do you look in the mirror or see a photo of yourself and feel unhappy with what you see?

When it comes to our bodies, our minds can be critical – ‘I look awful, look at my tummy, it’s disgusting’ or ‘I can’t wear this, my thighs are too big’. All too often negative thoughts about weight and body shape hold us back from living the life we want to lead. They prevent us from doing activities we enjoy, and they trap us in vicious cycles of dieting.

Your head may be harsh but it’s possible to change your thinking and learn to love your body. Your self-critical thoughts won’t miraculously change into positive ones, but you can learn a healthier approach to start healing the relationship you have with your body. The more you practice, the better you’ll feel about who you are and the body you have.

Here’s 10 tips to get you started.

Tip #1:

Remind yourself that perfect doesn’t exist. No-one’s body is perfect. Perfection only exists in photoshop.

Tip #2:

Practice seeing negative thoughts about your body as “just thoughts” that aren’t necessarily true, real or worth believing.

Tip #3:

Celebrate and create a list of all of the amazing things your body does for you and lets you do — running, dancing, breathing, laughing, dreaming. Read this list and add to it often.

Tip #4:

Think of your body as the vehicle to your dreams:  Honour it.  Respect it.  Fuel it. Listen to what it needs. Keep it active.

Tip #5:

Create a list of people you admire and people who have contributed to your life, your community, or the world.  Consider whether their appearance was important to their success.

Tip #6:

Make ‘Life is too short to waste time hating my body’ your mantra. Think about all the things you could accomplish with the time and energy you dedicate to worrying about your body and appearance. Try one!

Tip #7:

Every morning when you wake up, thank your body for resting and rejuvenating itself so you can enjoy the day. Every evening when you go to bed, tell your body how much you appreciate what it’s allowed you to do throughout the day.

Tip #8:

Look at yourself as a whole person.  When you see yourself in a mirror or in your mind, don’t focus on specific body parts.  See yourself as you want others to see you – as a whole person.

Tip #9:

Surround yourself with people that make you feel good about yourself and remind you of your inner strength and beauty.

Tip #10:

Work with your body, not against it. Wear comfortable clothes that you like, that express your personal style, and that feel good to your body.

Julia is an empathic and compassionate clinical psychologist who uses evidence-based treatments to help her clients create meaningful change. Julia specialises in working with adults with depression, anxiety, trauma, grief and loss. She also works with adults experiencing work stress, anger management, drug and alcohol issues, relationship problems, low self-esteem, and body image issues.


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